Secure business system and consideration

In the context of the new chemicals legislation in the Reach regulation, we moved to a business system that ensures we meet all regulatory requirements regarding, for example, documentation and labelling. Labservice is also a member of IKEM, which means that we pay careful consideration to the well-founded demands of employees, customers and the general public with regard to health, safety and the environment.

Sustainable management of chemicals

Our sustainability work is very important, just as it is for our customers. Even those of us who handle chemicals can make environmental improvements and we are happy to help you as a customer to strengthen your environmental profile by actively proposing substitutions and new approaches as soon as we spot an opportunity. It is our common responsibility to create a sustainable future and we work proactively through research partnerships with universities and industry organisations that are preparing for the future now.

Developing dedicated employees

By developing our dedicated and expert staff, who realise our vision on a daily basis, and actively participate in innovative research projects, we will ensure that you as a customer will also be able to rely on our expertise in the years ahead.